Parshat Shemot: What’s in a Name?



names-and-naming-_-vbm-haretzion (Original article by Rav Ya’akov Beasley)

“Gratitude Attitude”

Slavery in the Torah
Based on Rav Alex Israel’s “Is Slavery Ethical?” article on!mishpatim—slavery/c2hg

Parashat Mishpatim Slavery 
Parashat Mishpatim Slavery 

Korban Pesach: Revisited

Based on two overlapping articles/shiurim by Rav Yonatan Grossman and Rav Alex Israel

Korban Pesach Revisited

Korban Pesach Revisited 

Korban Pesach and the Sanctity of the Jewish Home

The Sanctity of the Jewish Home 

The Sanctity of the Jewish Home 

Original Article: Pesach_To-Go_-_5766_rabbi_sobolofsky

Around Midnight

Around Midnight 

Around Midnight 

Beyond the Bricks and Mortar: Mapping Out Your Own Personal Exodus
The shiur illustrates how the concept of “Yetziat Mizraim” is also a metaphor for one’s leaving a state of spiritual constriction and the role of the Exodus in providing an opportunity for Am Yisrael to develop its own personal “space” – paradoxically, by submitting itself to the discipline of Torah and Mitzvot at Har Sinai.

Beshalach: With a Wave of His Hand


Pesach – Krias Yam Suf Handouts – Rainbow Tosafos, Arvei Nachal

Beshalach: The Road to Redemption

Beshalach The Road to Redemption 
Beshalach The Road to Redemption 

Beshalach: Song at the Sea – An Appropriate Response?

Yitro: “Conquering the Gimmies”

From R. Harvey Belovski: The tensions within Yitro and the implications for Chinuch

Ki Tisa: Aharon, the First Borns and the Chet Ha’egel

R. Ari Kahn’s original article:

Aharon the first borns and the Chet Haegel 

Aharon the first borns and the Chet Haegel

Parshat Terumah: The Keruvim
R. Rothwacks on

Related Shiurim on Pesach

What’s Wrong with Chametz? What’s Right with Matzah? Based on an article by Rav Alex Israel “The Symbolism of Chametz” that can be accessed by clicking:
The source sheet can be accessed here:

Rabban Gamliel Says…

בָּן גַּמְלִיאֵל הָיָה אוֹמֵר PDF

Anyone wishing a short summary of the “mahalach” of these sources can contact me at

Broadly speaking, three messages

a) Jewish unity – pondering how we move towards that as Pesach arrives (see article by Rav Ilan Feldman on the Model Community”

b) Reducing our dependencies – Matzah the bread of freedom

c) Maror – Looking at even unpleasant experiences/bitterness from the perspective of the redemptive, positive experiences –  ie we’ll eventually say Baruch HaTov V’ameitiv even on the רע

Shabbat HaGadol: B’ni Bechori Yisrael

Special thanks to Rav Hanan Balk, whose original shiur on the anti-Bchor message of the Torah (his Shabbat Hagadol Drasha in 5769) can be found on by clicking: BalkSGantibchor I would also like to thank him for spending time with me going through the sources. The source sheets uploaded to Shiur Central do not include all of R. Balk’s sources, while adding others. shabbat hagadol (PDF) shabbat hagadol (Word)

Shabbat HaGadol: My Cup Runneth Over

Rabbi Ya’akov Neuberger Shlita’s article from Pesach to Go 5774 – “The Four Kosos: Songs of Silence” inspired me to create a source sheet based on his article, for my Shabbat Hagadol derasha here in Seattle WA this year. Below are Rav Neuberger’s original article, the Word and PDF versions of the source sheet. I plan to credit Rav Neuberger with the concept and sources.

Pesach_To_Go_-_5774_Rabbi_Neuburger (1)

Shabbat Hagadol Cup Runneth Over 

Shabbat Hagadol Cup Runneth Over 

Pesach: When Questions Matter More than Answers — Audio Shiur and source sheet from R. Mordechai Torczyner
JewsQuestionsTorczyner (PDF)
Audio Shiur on

Two Models of Redemption

Haggadah Shiur #1



Haggadah Shiur #2

Avadim Hayinu

Avadim Hayinu – Copy 

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