Manning, Anthony

Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith – 21 shiurim with source sheets and accompanying audio:

“Chagim” – focus on Machshava/conceptual aspects of the Chagim – 7 shiurim with source sheets and accompanying audio:

Shulman, Moshe: Shiurim in Rambam’s Thirteen Principles of Faith (source sheets and audio)[]=shoftim&tags[]=Audio
Machshava shiurim on the Chagim (source sheets and audio)[]=yom%20tov&tags[]=Audio

Sedley, David
Tisha B’av to Tu B’av
eart and Soul

Belovski, Harvey
Rabbi Belovski’s “Festival” shiurim, focusing on the conceptual dimensions of the Chagim

Yuter, Josh: “Confronting Chosenness: Matan Torah in Rabbinic Thought”

The Meaning of “Bashert” in Rabbinic Judaism and its Implications

Kahn, Ari
Yeshu Hanotzri in the Gemara

The Teshuva of Resh Lakish

 התשובה של ריש לקיש

התשובה של ריש לקיש

Gross, Yonah
“Does G-d Sleep in on Sunday Mornings? Does it Matter if We D0?”

(originally published on; audio for the shiur can be found at

Meyers, Ron-Ami:

והלכת בדרכיו – Based on R. Nebenzhal’s shiur on the same theme from Sichot L’Rosh Hashana – sources compiled by Ron-Ami Meyers
Vehalachta Bidrachav PDF
Vehalachta Bidrachav WORD

“Gratitude Attitude”

“The Art of Rebuke”

Beyond the Bricks and the Mortar: Mapping Out Your Own Personal Exodus (Good for pre-Pesach Yom Iyun)

“With a Wave of His Hand”
This shiur explores the concept of Miracles in Judaism.  Was the splitting of the Red Sea a high or low point in Jewish history?

“Conquering the Gimmies”
A shiur on the hashkafic underpinnings of לא תחמוד

“Jacob’s Sabbath Boundary” : Do Boundaries inhibit or pave the way for impacting on others?

This is the Thanks I Get? Based on Rav Hutner’s piece in Pachad Yitzchak on Purim examining the unique “Hallel” of Purim
This is the Thanks I Get (WORD)
This is the Thanks I Get (PDF)

Shavuos and the Tragedy of the 12,000 Chevrutot – based on an article by Rav Nebenzhal

Two Models of Redemption – Shiur on Shabbat Hagadol – based on sources of Rabbi JJ Schachter

“Tradition and Innovation” – based on an article by Rabbi Mordechai Willing (Rav Willig’s article can be accessed by clicking on

What’s Wrong with Chametz? What’s Right with Matzah? Based on an article by Rav Alex Israel “The Symbolism of Chametz” that can be accessed by clicking:
The source sheet can be accessed here:

The Light of Chanukah: Reflections on the Jewish Struggle with Greek Culture – based on Sifsei Chaim of Rav Mordechai Freidlander

Uplifting Elul Torah – a sourcesheet based on an article in R. Nebenzhal’s “Sichot L’Rosh Hashana” on Parshat Ki Tavo.  Enjoy!

Uplifting Elul Torah (1) (PDF)
Uplifting Elul Torah (1)  (WORD)

Weinberg, Moshe Tzvi
By arrangement with, we would like to make available R. Moshe Zvi Weinberg’s “Torah Study as an Exalted Form of Teshuva” source sheet:” Elul 5773 – Torah as Teshuvah SOURCES @ Morasha (1) The audio of this shiur (given just last week at Camp Morasha) can be accessed at

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