Parsha – Bamidbar


These sources are based on the article on vbm by Rav Yaakov Beasley:

The Sotahs Husband (Word)

The Sotahs Husband (PDF)


the-kushite-woman revised (Word)

the-kushite-woman revised (PDF)


These two shiurim are both based on R. Nebenzhal’s shiurim/articles that appear in his “Sichot L’Sefer Bamidbar”. See those articles to grasp the full מהלך. I can also be contacted at for further guidance on understanding these shiurim.  Available in PDF only  (sorry!)

“Stringin’ the Blues” – the connection between Techelet and the sin of the spies


“The Spies: A Lesson in Values Clarification”



Rav Ari Kahn has an excellent article from 5769

Here’s a PDF of his original article:
Below are both a Word and PDF version of a condensed source sheet, edited from his article:

Perashat Korach (Word)
Perashat Korach (PDF)


A really creative shiur, as usual, from R. Ari Kahn. The sources here DO NOT speak for themselves.  To understand what Rav Kahn tries to do here, and to decide how you would present the shiur, you must listen to the shiur (a little over an hour long) on  

Four entries here:

Audio shiur:

Rabbi Kahn’s original blogpost, with his ‘highlighting” method

My source sheet with R. Aryeh Kaplan translations added, in PDF and Word format.s

The sin of Moshe or the Sin of the People (PDF)

The sin of Moshe or the Sin of the People (WORD)


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